Thursday, March 27, 2014

The English Lesson

I don't know where I came across this poem,
          but I thought it was clever.

Friday, March 21, 2014

My connection to the Cold War

Soviets' first atomic bomb test, 1949

The Cold War ended when I was four, and so I might not seem to be someone who has a strong personal connection with it. I was only there for the last four years of a conflict that lasted ten times that long, and so I don't have anything to recommend me as an eyewitness. Nonetheless, I have come into contact with this subject many times, and I hope that in my informal way, I will be able to educate future generations about this subject, who will have even less eyewitness testimony about the Cold War than I do.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

What Adam Smith said about the division of labor

If your parents have ever divided household chores among you and your siblings, then you know what the division of labor is. So-and-so mops the floor, so-and-so does the vacuuming, and so-and-so cleans the toilets. (Lucky for them, huh?) The labor gets divided among multiple people, with each person getting a certain kind of task.

The concept is not a new one, and labor has been divided among several people for centuries. But it was not until comparatively recently that its advantages were systematically explained. Adam Smith explained it well more than 200 years ago, and his words about its importance still have relevance today. There are advantages to dividing the labor, and these advantages have great importance for society. So with that in mind, I will now turn to what he said about this concept.

Adam Smith

Friday, March 7, 2014

My love-hate relationship with computers

Those who first met me in my adulthood might be surprised to hear that I was once really into computers. In my generation, I was introduced to computers at a very early age, and I often enjoyed going to my dad's office to play with his computer. When our family got a computer at home, my sister still enjoyed going to my dad's work and being in his office, but my interest in this suddenly waned (as my dad often mentions with a smile). I decided to play with my computer at home instead.

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