Friday, January 23, 2015

Some fun facts about our solar system

Most of us know that the years on other planets seldom (if ever) correspond to the years on our own. Here are some fun facts about the years of our solar system's outer planets:

One Jupiter year ago today, America had never had a black president, and a second Bush president was in the White House.

Jupiter year = 11.86 Earth years

One Saturn year ago today, the Berlin Wall was still up, and the Cold War was still going on.

Saturn year = 29.46 Earth years

One Uranus year ago today, World War II was still in the future, and Prohibition was the law of the land.

Uranus year = 84.32 Earth years

One Neptune year ago today, the American Civil War had not yet begun, and slavery was still a part of American life.

Neptune year = 164.8 Earth years

One Pluto year ago today, the American Revolution was still in the future, and the United States of America did not yet exist.

Pluto year = 248.1 Earth years

And one Eris year ago today, Christopher Columbus had not yet discovered the Americas, and there were no Europeans in the New World.

Eris year = 560.9 Earth years

I hope the explanation of the length of these planets' years has helped you to visualize them better.

This post was inspired by Carl Sagan's Cosmos.

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