Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The price of being dumb (and voting for Obama)

To every thinking person,
It must seem a little strange
That so many could be fooled
By words like "hope" and "change."

That so many folks could think
That a guy with so much charm
Must have real good intentions,
And not mean any harm.

And because he means so well,
He must be smart and wise,
And won't cause growth to stop,
Or unemployment rise.

He didn't have experience,
But he seemed so nice and smart,
And his way with public speaking
Was truly a great art.

He talked his game so well
That no one seemed to care
That all his words lacked substance,
And were mostly empty air.

They made you feel so fuzzy
And made you feel so warm
That being made a fool
Was something of a norm.

So on election day,
We went to cast our vote,
And when he was elected,
The people sang and wrote

How wonderful it was
That someone black had been
Elected in this country,
And would elections win.

And even when his record
Proved so sad and sorry,
He made us feel excited,
Like we were on safari.

We couldn't say out loud
That the emp'ror had no clothes,
That old Barack had caused
So many of our woes.

Because if we dared say it,
We'd be called a "racist,"
As part of a great witch-hunt
Without a single basis.

So he got re-elected,
And hurt the country more
And eventually brought us
To "1984."

So we all went to the polls,
And voted out his cronies,
And said his guys in Congress
Were all a bunch of phonies.

We still cannot go back
And take back our votes
The damage has been done,
And budget spending bloats.

But we can stop such things
From happening again,
And vote for men of substance
In those dark times when

The incomp'tent silly fool
Seems so much more charming,
And we vote for someone
Whose platform is alarming.

Who promises utopia
Will soon and surely come,
And we again may have to pay
The price of being dumb.

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